FaceTime For PC Download (Windows Laptop)

Facetime For PC

Using Facetime For PC is convenient and here I cover how you can download and install facetime for windows 10.

We all know that facetime is a video and audio call app developed and launched by Apple Inc.

With the help of this app, you can make video and audio calls to anyone by using your internet data.

And the facetime app works smoothly on the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other iOS devices.

Now because this app is only available for apple products and works in the Apple ecosystem.

We can not directly use this app on our pc as we use other apps so there are no direct ways to use this app.

To use the facetime app on our windows pc we have a total of two methods: 1) With iOS Emulator and 2) Using VMware app.

Here I cover both of the installation processes so make sure you read the article till the end to get the most out of it.

So as I discussed above there is no direct way to install the facetime app on our windows pc or laptop.

And yes it may be possible that this app may not work as smoothly it works on iOS or macOS devices.

So yes here we have to make a little compromise on the quality but yes we can use this app on our pc for sure.

Let’s get started with the installation process of this app on our windows pc.

Install Facetime For Windows PC (With Emulator)

Now here we are going to use the iPadian which is a premium iOS emulator available for the mac and windows.

If you don’t want to use facetime on windows pc with this app or don’t want to pay, skip this method and jump on the second one.

In this method, we are going to use the iOS emulator so follow the step-by-step process discussed below.

  • First go to the official website of the iPadian iOS emulator, purchase the app and download it for your windows pc.
  • Now install the app which you downloaded with the help of the setup file.
  • Once it is installed, open the app and it will ask for your Apple ID so if you have one then login with it.
  • If you don’t have an apple id then you can create a new one from the apple website.
  • After signing in you will see the interface of the iOS 14 operating system so open the app store.
  • Search for the facetime app and install it on your windows pc ios emulator.
  • It will take some time to download and install depending on your internet connection.

Once it is installed simply click on the open button and done now you can use the facetime app on your pc.

Not only this iOS but you can install and use all other iOS apps on your pc with this method.

So this is the complete installation process of the facetime app on our windows pc.

It is paid but yes the most effective way to use this app on pc. Now let’s discuss the free method.

Download Facetime on PC (Free Method)

If you are using windows, mac, or Linux we have another method to install this app on pc.

And it is to install the macOS on our pc and then use the facetime app on that operating system.

To install the macOS we need a hypervisor on our windows or Linux machine.

Here we are going to use Virtualbox but you can use any of your choices.

  • First go to the VirtualBox website, download and install it on your pc as we install other apps.
  • Open the app, click on the ‘New’ button, and now it will ask for the machine name and os.

New Machine Facetime For Windows PC

  • So give any name of your preference and type select the macOS X and in version select macOS X 64 bit.

Add the Name And Select OS

  • Next, click on the continue button and assign RAM and storage to your machine. (Select little high to run facetime smoothly on windows pc)

Add RAM And Storage

  • Once all processes are done you will see your machine on the left side in the VirtualBox.

Start Machine to Use Facetime on Windows PC

  • Select the machine and click on the Start button as shown above the image.
  • Make sure you add the iOS file path in VirtualBox before starting the machine.

And done once the machine is working you can use the facetime app on your pc very easily.

Here you also have to create the Apple ID so make sure you create it and then you use the facetime app.

So this is the second method to install the facetime app on your Windows or Linux app.

If you are getting any errors during the installation then let me know in the comment box.

Facetime Windows PC App Features

Before you go download, install, and use this app on pc check out some features of this app.

  • With facetime, users can call anyone for free by just using the internet connection.
  • Video and audio quality in this app is best, if you have a good internet connection then you will love this app.
  • In this app, there are many emojis, stickers, and filters available which you can use while video call and it will work on the live video call.
  • Installation of the facetime app on mobile or pc is very simple. You can do it with simple steps.
  • If you are using the facetime app on your iPhone or Mac devices then connectivity is awesome.
  • You can also make group video calls and add up to 32 people at a single call.
  • No need to share contact numbers, you can make video or audio calls just using the Apple ID.

So these are some of the best features of facetime apps and also available if you use them on your windows pc.

App FAQs

Check out below frequently asked questions by app users and our website visitors.

Can you FaceTime on a PC computer?

Ans. Not any direct way to use it on windows pc but yes with help of the above process you can use it.

Can you FaceTime on Google Chrome?

Ans. No, as of now there is not any method to use the web version of this app so you can’t use it on google chrome.

How do I get FaceTime on my windows laptop?

Ans. To install this app on windows you have to follow the above step-by-step installation process.

Is Skype better than FaceTime?

Ans. On the windows device, skype will perform very good but on mac, I will recommend the facetime app.

How do I install FaceTime on my Windows computer?

Ans. To install this app on the computer first you have to install the iOS emulator on your pc.

So these are some questions about this app but if you still have any other questions then don’t hesitate to ask them in the comment box.


In this post, we have covered how we can download, install and use the facetime app on windows pc.

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